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Installations, Art and Events by Babis Panagiotidis in Nuremberg

Mind Art . apollonian

Object Art by Babis Panagiotidis.

Body Club . dionysian

DJing by Babis Cloud.

My guiding and work motive..

are the topics from life that concern me and millions of others consciously or unconsciously. I pick it up and shape it, whereby the idea behind it becomes recognizable, not a personal signature.

I would like to update this topic, bridge the historical distance and make it tangible for the present day.
Homer’s Odyssey has already provided the theme for my last two stage pieces, as well as for a current sculpture.

I was born in Nuremberg and grew up with grandma and grandpa in a small mountain village in Greece when there was no power supply or telephone there.
This was followed by studying communication design at the Nuremberg University of Applied Sciences, for a few years as an art director in an advertising agency, culminating as a designer for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.
The work in advertising, initially seen as a creative opportunity, is now despised as a stupidly calculated growth catalyst regardless of the consequences and side effects.


In the last few years the client is only the inner voice, and since theater productions can unfortunately only be realized with a huge amount of logistics and organization,
(with Palindrome Intermedia Performance Group, stage design for media opera “Jenseits der Schatten” theatre Bonn, with Frieder Weiss the play Club-Sirenen, the dance performance ChoreOdyssee for the Tafelhalle Nuremberg),
the current focus is more on object art and sculptures.


With the Belly Cloud event series, I have been active as a DJ Babis Cloud and organizer in the club for 20 years. For me, a DJ is the direct and immediate feedback from the dancers on the dance floor. A redeeming experience, in contrast to the days and months of isolated work on works that generate a comment, a reaction with a long delay.
Electronic music for the dance floor is the direct offshoot of African original rhythms, the beat structure is related to the heart beat, an art form that is based on reality (of the body).